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Home page of our team at PhlAM Laboratory- Molecular Physics at Interfaces
Programs for ROtational SPEctroscopy - PROSPE
A very useful and well documented collection of principal programs for molecular rotational spectroscopy compiled and maintained by Z. Kisiel. It includes most of the programs (with description and examples) that have been used to predict molecular rotational spectra in the LSD database. It also contains a compilation of very helpful notes on the H. Pickett's SPFIT/SPCAT program suite.
CAT format description and useful equations
The CAT format description may be found in the classical paper Pickett H.M. et al. 1998, JQSRT 60, 883 [Link]. Its more "user friendly" presentation is available on CDMS web site. Both the paper and web version also contain useful equations equivalently used here to convert transition intensities in different units.