Version 2021.08.nohf
Tag 32801
Molecule - Descriptor Methylamine, Methanamine (13CH3NH2) - v=0
Isotope 13C
Hyperfine No
Lines in DB 26748
Frequency max. (MHz) 1499946.3903
J max. 50
Cite these data as Motiyenko R.A., Margulès L., Ilyushin V.V., Smirnov I.A., Alekseev E.A., Halfen D.T., Ziurys L.M. 2016, A&A, 587, A152

T(K) Qt Qrot Qvib
300.0 31908.650 31908.65 1.0
200.0 17356.870 17356.87 1.0
150.0 11269.170 11269.17 1.0
50.0 2165.810 2165.81 1.0
10.0 193.240 193.24 1.0

Methylamine vibration-rotation-tunneling energy levels in the Ohashi-Hougen formalism

J K Sym

Details: Each level is characterized by the value of the usual quantum numbers J and K = Ka, and by an overall torsion-wagging-rotation symmetry species Γ corresponding to an irreducible representation of the permutation-inversion group G12. To distinguish between two doubly degenerate levels of E1 or E2 symmetry with the same J, K, the notation E1+1 and E1-1, or E2+1 and E2-1 is used, where +1 and -1 levels correspond to k=K>0 and k=-K<0 respectively. When table includes hyperfine levels, standard F = J+I quantum number is added to the labeling. The correspondence between integer Sym number in .cat file and symmetry species Γ is given in the table →

Sym Γ
3 A1
-3 A2
4 B1
-4 B2
1 E1+1
-1 E1-1
2 E2+1
-2 E2-1
Dipole moments

The dipole moments of the 12C species were used in the calculations

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